“I just could not get your riveting performance out of my head. What a show! You sir, are an actor! What’s even more important, you made me realize even more that it is Reverend Brown’s story… I thank you, and know that you will always be in my artistic life.”

– Nate Osborne, Playwright

“Abdullah, delightfully portrayed by Christopher Michael McLamb, is the Arab contact. When he’s on stage lead turns to gold.”

– Beatrice Williams-Rude, Theater Pizzazz!

“He’s grinning, having a wonderful time and the audience loves him.”

– Mari S. Gold, Our Theater Blog

“Of the several cast members…I was most impressed by…Mr. McLamb who, in the role of Abdullah, provided just the comic relief that the play required.”

– Alan Miller, A Seat On The Aisle

“[We are] truly blessed to have a professional, collaborative, creative, HILARIOUS, positive, comedic, & outstanding performer like you! … I am such a BIG fan of yours!”

– Apolonia Davalos, Producer

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